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Who is Afriq Connect?

As we become more reliant on technology and the internet to go about life, while enjoying streaming platforms and online content in the comfort of our homes, we at Afriq-Connect believe in a world where everyone is connected. We truly look forward to helping build a connected nation - it all starts with accessible fibre.
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Premium features

The Preferred Fibre Network Provider In The East of JHB.

Low Latency

The quality of a network today is determined by the level of latency. Our fibre network offers very low latency across all of our access points.

Open Access

As an open access fibre provider, we allow any Internet Service Provider to offer their Internet services via our network to their customers.

99,99% Uptime

We take all the necessary steps to ensure network availability when needed. This drives us to constantly invest and upgrade our network to offer premium reliability.


We have multi-peering agreements with some of the large global carriers to ensure that our international traffic remain unaffected by outages.

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